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Variax Digital Interface Cable

Cable Ends - Standard RJ45 w/ XLR

Vetta Digital Interface (VDI)

Variax 1/4" and Digital Output Jacks

Cable connected to the Variax

Cable connected to the Vetta's VDI

The Variax Digital Interface Cable is a 25ft. cable used to connect the Variax to the Vetta's Digital Interface. The cable allows the Variax to be powered by the VDI as well as send a purely digital signal of the guitar's models into the Vetta.

The Variax Digital Interface Cable ships with a Vetta II. In addition, the cable is also included as part of the VDI - Vetta Digital Interface upgrade package which Vetta I owners can purchase separately from Line 6.

The Variax Digital Interface Cable is essentially a standard CAT5 LAN cable with additional Neutrik RJ45 XLR connectors. These XLR type end connectors provide for a secure connection which is "locked" in place so that the cable will not pull out if it is yanked. The cable is released by simply pushing the tab on the connection jack just like a microphone cable.

Variax Cable - Opened

Tech Notes: The Neutrik RJ45 XLR ends of the cable are not connected to any wires whatsoever. They do not serve as a common ground as technical appearances might lead one to believe. The XLR connector's only purpose is to serve as a secure means to lock the cable into place on both the Variax and to the Vetta's Digital Interface. 

In Addition: In case you lose or break your Variax cable, a standard CAT5 RJ45 LAN cable (such as that used by the Vetta's Floorboard) may be substituted if necessary. Therefore, it may be wise to carry an additional CAT5 cable with you when performing.

Warning: Please be aware that there is such a thing as a CAT5 "crossover" cable which appears identical to a regular RJ45 LAN cable. These type of cables are typically marked with a sticker (or printed on the cable itself) with the word "crossover" to help clearly identify them. Do not use one of these cables whatsoever with your Variax or Vetta.