Greetings everyone and welcome to my website Vettaville. This website is dedicated to providing unique information about some of Line 6's modern guitar/amp technology...particularly the Vetta as well the Variax. Also visit the Netherlands Vettaville and join us for equipment discussions at Andy Z's Institute of Noise Forums.



Vetta Software

  For additional Vetta information, please read: 

How To Update The Vetta's Software


This area of Vettaville is dedicated to software for the Vetta.


Vetta II Combo/HD 2.03 Software


Vetta I Combo/HD 1.10 Software

Vetta Update 1.10 (Combo and/or HD) 872 KB

Necessary Update File

Vetta Model Defaults 11 KB

Necessary Update File

Vetta Artist Patches - Bulk SysEx File 65 KB


Vetta I Combo/HD 1.05 Software

Vetta Update 1.05 (Combo and/or HD) 872 KB

Necessary Update File

Vetta Model Defaults 11 KB

Necessary Update File

Vetta I Factory Patches - Bulk SysEx File 65 KB


Vetta Update 1.03 (Operating System Only)


Vetta Update 1.01 (Operating System Only)


Vetta 1.03/1.05 Factory Patches


1.10 Artist Patches - Individual SysEx Files


Line 6 EDIT

Line 6 Edit is free Windows and Macintosh OS X software that provides complete editor and librarian features for the PODxt, PODxt Pro, Vetta II, HD 147, Flextone III and POD 2.0.


Line 6 Firmware Updater

This Windows software utility allows you to update the Vetta or Vetta II combo or HD "firmware" (the software that runs inside the amp) to get the very latest Vetta II features. It includes the ability to download the latest version of Vetta software from the Internet, so you don't have to download that separately. It requires a computer with a MIDI interface.  

VBoard 3.1

  The first (and original) Vetta software editor created by user Gary Lee.  

MIDI SysEx Software
  SendSX (MIDI SysEx utility)   DOWNLOAD
  MIDIOX (MIDI SysEx utility)   DOWNLOAD

Words of Advice 


A Working MIDI Interface

Make certain your PC's MIDI Interface actually works. The best way to know that your MIDI Interface is working properly is by sending and saving patches to and from your Vetta. If you can do this, then your interface should be working properly. If not, then you need to take the time to properly configure your MIDI software.


Always Backup Patches

Backing up the patches you have created is a habit everyone needs to get into. There is nothing worse than losing all your favorite patches and having to re-program them from scratch. It would be very wise for you to consistently backup each of your created patches as often as you create, even daily if that's the case. There is always the possibility that a Vetta Software Update will overwrite them as part of the update procedure.


About The Older Vetta Updates

Please be aware that the older Vetta software updates which are available here at Vettaville have come directly from Line 6. If you are wanting to go back and re-install an older software version of operating system, please be aware that both the update and the model defaults files must be uploaded into your Vetta for a complete update. These two files are completely separate sysex files which are both absolutely necessary to send into your Vetta. If you are updating either a Combo or HD, just download the .zip file below. Included in the .zip file is a separate OS sysex file file for each amp, just choose which one you need. The model defaults sysex file will be used for both the Combo and HD.




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