EZdrummer MIDI Keyboard Layout

The image above comes with the EZdrummer documentation to show you the layout of drum sounds and which MIDI notes they are associated with across the keyboard. EZdrummer uses its own custom key mapping that cannot be changed, but it is General MIDI based so that GM drum files can be imported and played. Toontrack has taken EZdrummer above and beyond the standard GM format so that sonic subtleties are made available, particularly in relation to the hi-hats. There are several different hi-hat articulations that are offered, from tight to semi-closed to sloshy. In addition, there are "different length of crash cymbal chokes" available based upon the velocity of the midi note.
Please watch the following EZ Keyboard Mapping video to learn more. I used SONAR to create a MIDI file to show what sounds are being played in EZdrummer across the keys of an 88-note midi keyboard, so there are far more sounds being covered than what the above image shows. I wanted to let users see/hear just how often certain sound are mapped (as an alias) more than once across the keyboard. I've also included the velocity display window from SONAR's Event View so that you can see the velocities being played, and I also used the graphic keyboard from Kontakt 2 to give you an overall visual as the midi notes are being triggered.