Hey fellow HV20 users. Lately I've been shooting with Cinemode because of how much less contrast it provides so that you can actually see more details within the shadows. However, I've also been more disappointed with the sharpness of the Cinemode footage - and I have always set the Image Effect setting for +1 for sharpness in Cinemode. Well, today I decided to look into this sharpness issue and learned much more about the HV20's Cinemode than I had previously realized. Not only does Cinemode change the contrast (or gamma levels - or whatever else it does technically) but it SIGNIFICANTLY softens image details far more than I had realized.

If you look at the two images below, you'll notice that Cinemode completely softens the image to where you can no longer see the individual pores of my skin or see the individual hairs of my eyebrows. Look at my shirt (my shoulder) and notice how much softer the shirt's ridges are in Cinemode. Even though the Cinemode image below was taken with the Image Effect OFF, it doesn't really matter enough, because the amount of Sharpness (+1) is only very subtle and DOES NOT give you back the sharpness of detail lost using the Cinemode setting. Now if you start adding lenses to the HV20 and are using Cinemode, then you really are adding up to even more loss of detail.

So now I'm going to see if I can quit using Cinemode and adjust the Image Effect settings to help produce a more cinemode-like result and hopefully not lose as much sharpness and detail.

Image Below - HV20 (with manual focus) and Av Aperture Prio.AE / AutoWB / Image Effect OFF

* Take notice of the finer blue dots that are printed - you can clearly see each of them.

Image Below - HV20 (with manual focus) and Cinemode / AutoWB / Image Effect OFF

Now - take notice that the finer dots are no longer discernable in Cinemode.

Also notice that the text has lost noticable sharpness on its edges as well.


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